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Services and prices

Tallinn service center’s contact telephones: +372 6 750 080, +372 5 022 292

TOP Parts helps with the maintenance needs of your US car. All our service centers have repair and maintenance equipment specifically intended for US cars, as well as experienced specialists! 

Our experienced masters of car service perform the following works:


Service price

ServicesPriceFor loyal customer
Mechanic Labor Rate 1h 56€ 50,40€
Axle adjustment, 1 time / Van & 4X4 60€ /65€ 54€ /58,50€
Electrical works, 1 h 65€ 58,50€
Reading and deleting error messages, 1 time 40€ 36€
Inspecting and filling the air conditioner max 1kg 75€ 67,50€
Tire change on cast rims, 1 set starting 55€ 49,50€
Parking after 7th day of repairs finished 10€ 10€
Roadworthiness tests for passenger car M1 gas / diesel 60€ 60€
Pre-purchase inspection with error code reading 80€ 72€
Replacement car, Chrysler Sebring/Neon, 1 day 22€ 20€

Service price with value added tax.  

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