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For Car Owners

Technical Maintenance of the Car

Top Parts car centers are equipped with up-to-date tools and appliances specifically designed for American cars; there is experienced personnel working at the shops and they have an extensive selection of spare parts at their disposal.
Expert maintenance and utilizing quality spare parts – these are of crucial importance for carefree use of your car.
Each maintenance is preceded by a diagnosis in order to estimate the volume of necessary work tasks. Then you will be notified about the amount of work, the cost and time it takes.

Necessary Service Record Booklet

The data about your vehicle entered in the service record booklet guarantee that proper spare parts are found for your car. Service record booklet helps you to remember when and what kind of maintenance your car needs. Regular performance of technical maintenance work will be confirmed on the relevant pages of the booklet. Your booklet where everything has been properly recorded may later on while selling it increase the value of your car. It is advisable to keep the service record booklet in your car all the time and hand it over to the next owner should you sell the car.

When is your Maintenance Interval over?

Upon making first entries the service master will enter the booklet the required service intervals for your car.
In newer cars the maintenance interval indicator draws your attention to approaching end of the maintenance interval (the service signal light). Maintenance interval may be extended when the manufacturer allows the usage of special alternative Long-Life motor oils and long-lasting spare parts (e.g. iridium spark plugs).

It is very important to follow the maintenance intervals prescribed by the manufacturer and take your car to the maintenance when the interval is over. Exceeding the technical maintenance deadline may cause damage to your vehicle!

If the car is being used in harsh conditions, we suggest supplementary maintenance also during the maintenance intervals.

The following are considered to be harsh usage conditions:

  • Driving less than 10km at any one time or in freezing weather conditions less than 20 km at a time
  • Driving in very hot weather conditions
  • Driving with a roof rack, trailer or on mountain roads
  • Driving on dusty, muddy or icy roads.

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