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Restoration Parts

When planning to purchase an American Classic car it is important to know that you do not need to worry about the regular maintenance accessories, axle and engine parts since these can be found either on our warehouse shelves or can be ordered within a week.
The matter becomes a little more complicated when you need to replace some beauty gadget or a specific body part.

We mediate your ordering restoration parts from the following catalogues below:

GM and Mopar restoration parts and accessories
Restoration parts for Corvette and other Chevys, classic Ford, Mercury (No Mustangs!)
OER - Original Equipment Reproduction. Restoration parts manufacturer licensed by General Motors and Chrysler Group.
Restoration parts and accessories for the US muscle cars.
Restoration parts for Ford Mustang, performance parts, accessories. A variety of products also for Mercury Cougar.
Body parts for restoration and accident repairs from the 1930s until today.
Best choice of restoration and maintenance parts for pick-ups, trucks and vans. 
Genuine-like window, door, roof, hood and trunk seals, weatherstrips and extrusions and other rubber details for restoration work.
Weatherstrips and rubber details 
Seals and rubber details
Whitewall tires for classic cars
Jeep and Willys restoration parts from the war time until today
Extensive selection of retainers and automotive clips and fasteners
Best selection of engine parts for old cars, yet other items can be found as well 
Restoration parts for Chevys
Emblems and stickers
Classic-looking radios with modern possibilities, retro car radios

Find the necessary parts in the catalogues, send us the link or code of the item and we will end you a price quote and announce the likely delivery time.
When you cannot find the part you are looking for on your own, send us your car details and the description of the item you are looking for via our inquiry form.

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