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TOP Parts Dealer’s Shop gives the performed work and utilized spare parts a minimum of 6-month warranty. 
The warranty does not cover the details the wear and tear of which is within its expected limits (e.g. clutch plates, friction surfaces of brakes, bulbs, tires, fuses, windshield wiper blades, etc.).
We hope you will understand that the damage caused due to natural wear and tear, overload, inappropriate handling and unauthorized changes will not be covered by warranty. 

If you have a suspicion that a spare part is defective or a service was provided unprofessionally, please turn to our nearest service entre immediately, so the situation can be documented and solved!

The spare part warranty does not cover the cost of changing the spare part, nor any implicit costs caused by the defective spare part.
The service warranty does not cover the cost of third party repairs if not agreed with the warrantor beforehand.
The service warranty does not cover implicit costs like towing, housing, rental car, lost profit, etc.


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